3D Dental Solutions brings over 10 years of CAD/CAM experience to the dental industry. Our goal is to bring each dental laborat ory and dental clinic into the digital revolution with a focus on maximizing their productivity and profitability. We strive to match each customer with the scanner, Exocad, VHF and Roland milling machines, 3D printer that best fits their needs and budget.

✔️We are aimed at improving the overall efficiency and profitability of the dental laboratory and dental practice. By introducing new technologies, simplifying case planning and utilizing the outsourcing of dental planning, dental designs, dental milling, dental 3d printing and/or final restorations, local dental laboratory and clinicians can easily improve boutique restorations and treatment outcomes, increase patient acceptance, and enhance treatment management while reducing cost.


At 3D Dental solutions:

  • We provides all digital services like using Exocad CAD design for all fix restorations, implant customized abutment, implant bar (soon will be available for 3shape software), we provides implant planning services using DDS-Pro software and manufacturing surgical guide.
  • We provides milling and 3d printing services for customers that only have scanner.
  • We provides one on one training for DDS-Pro software for dental clinic, fully CAD/CAM , Design Exocad training for dental laboratory.
  • We also distrubition all equipment and materials from Siladent Germany , Dental Scan machine Freedom Hd from Dof Korea.


“Come with 3D Dental solutions you will find more than what you need”