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Instant Transition from ScanApp to Exocad Start your designs on Exocad instantly from ScanApp with a single click. Auto Alignment Auto Alignment can save your time. Software finds the best matching options automatically and matches data. Smart Manual scanning Allows to freely jump to desired scanning step. Pencil Line Scanning Provide an option for you […]

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  Auto Calibration Automatic calibration will assist you with routine maintenance by aligning and adjusting tool setting to optimize the milling result Automatic Tool change Automatic tool changer with a tool capacity of 6, and automatic tool sensor that measures the tool length and detects the tool breakage automatically Tool-life management Built-in Tool-life management system […]


hyperDENT incorporates efficient proven milling cycles from the industrial segment that provide maximum process stability and indication quality. For example, the patent protected peeling strategies used for complex materials such as glass ceramic ensures perfect surface quality while simultaneously maximizing tool life. Based on a modular product structure, hyperDENT targets different dental market segments from […]


  Powerful Dental CAD Software exocad DentalCAD is the leading OEM branded dental CAD software: great for beginners, yet powerful in the hands of an expert. Add-on modules Implant Module For designing of abutments and screw-retained bridges Virtual Articulator For dynamic occlusion Bar Module For advanced dental bar design Model Creator To create physical models […]