Instant Transition from ScanApp to Exocad

Start your designs on Exocad instantly from ScanApp with a single click.

Auto Alignment

Auto Alignment can save your time. Software finds the best matching options automatically and matches data.

Smart Manual scanning

Allows to freely jump to desired scanning step.

Pencil Line Scanning

Provide an option for you to scan pencil lines overlaid on your digital data.


Changing exocad dental DB setting without closing scanning program and re-load the edited data.

Close Hole

Use the “Close Holes” option in ScanApp to close any missing areas of your scan data.
Close all holes and your scan data is now a watertight model suitable for printing.

Tactile Scanning

Optical scanning and tactile scanning can be done in one software that you can get faster and more accurate data. Position of implant scan body would greatly be enhanced by using this feature.

All-in-one Scanning

All-in-one scanning enables you to complete a single or 3-unit bridge case in just two simple steps.
This saves almost 50% of the technician’s work time.